Reading Requests

My favourite genre is YA fiction. It’s always my default and I have a lot of love for them. I do read other genres so give me and email and we can discuss. I like supernatural, poetry, children’s books, and memoirs. I’m up for reviewing indie books, self published and electronic copies. I always love a good solid hard copy but if it is unavailable not to worry.

Some things to keep in mind when contacting me:

  • What is the genre and age group?
  • Is it stand alone or part of a series? If it’s a series are you prepared to send me all instalments?
  • Is it currently available? When is its release date?
  • If for sale on Amazon, please send me the proper link to the item so I can post a review.
  • If not asked otherwise all reviews will be posted on and my blog.
  • Please include a synopsis.
  • Is there any romance or sexual content?
  • Number of pages?
  • Are you willing to take part in a giveaway or contest?
  • Must be willing to ship to Canada

Please remember I am one person and I will read what I agree to in a timely manner, but sometimes life does get in the way. If your deadline is not flexible I will be less likely to take part.

Please also know that I will be honest. If I do not like something I will post it. I don’t give low ratings very often but I will put out in the open what I dislike. This is rare, but I think it ย still needs to be said to cover my butt.

All inquires can be sent to