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Obsidio by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

24909347I hate them.

ugh. There are tear stains in my book. Wtf?!

The story has come to and end and although I was ready for a flippin miracle to save these damn characters, I’m not ready for it to be over.

I miss them. I miss them ALL.


I’m going to have night terrors. Fetal position for days. I can’t handle this.

It’s been a really long time since a series hit my so hard. This is next level. Harry Potter level. I’m obsessed.

… and heartbroken.

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee | Review

29283884 Well let me tell you a thing… this book. Ugh. So much better then I could have ever expected. It’s funny and clever and I was sucked in right from the first page. This is one of the first books in a long time that I have really truly enjoyed from start to finish. I have read it non stop for the last little bit and I’ve given up sleep to read this. I love sleep!

I don’t know why it took me so long to read this. I’ve had it since July. Ugh. I don’t have enough words to describe how much I loved this. I can’t wait to read the sequel and the novella. Ohmygoodness. I can’t handle it.

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Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody |Review

30237061 I really really liked this book.

It’s different and unique. I loved the backdrop of a travelling circus and the characters were different and weird and I liked that. I like that there’s humour and romance and death and candy!

The end got me, I was not expecting it. So that’s pretty sweet. Sometimes the twists are predictable , but I can honestly say, I didn’t see it coming.

And as a bonus, the cover art is really pretty too. Totally would recommend this.

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No Vain Loss by M.C. Frank |Review

image This is the third instalment of the ‘No Ordinary Star’ series by M.C.Frank.  She was super awesome and sent me an ARC of this pretty thing.

So let me tell you, the first, like eight pages will rip your heart out. Ow.

What are you doing to me?!?!

Ugh. This book starts intense, ends intense and is all kinds of nuts and ‘holy crap!’ in the middle. Oh jeeze. So much happens in the first 2/3 of the book. Action, and death and emotions and ahhh! My heart was being ripped apart. For reals. The last bit of the book is more emotionally packed, but still pretty intense. I feel for them. So much to have to deal with so young, and so much more to come!

The end is left open for more story. Which I hope happens in the future. Maybe a short story update? *winkwink* I want to know what happens next!?! Don’t leave me hangin!

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Heir to the Sky by Amanda Sun |Review

25502639This was good stuff. Seriously.

I bought it because I really liked the cover, but the idea of a floating island in the sky sounded awesome. There are a bunch of different landscapes, which I love. Also! There are a bunch of made up creatures and monsters which are fun to imagine.

I love the main characters too. Glad they aren’t dicks. That seems to happen a lot in young adult books recently, theres a main character that is just unbearable. Not here though!

This is definitely a book I didn’t want to put down. Once you get in a few chapters all hell breaks lose and you just gotta find out what’s going to happen.