Read This Month – June

I’m going in a different direction this whole month. All of my read books and reviews in one spot! I never write very long reviews so it’s a waste to post them alone. So lets begin! I had such a successful reading month. Ugh. I’m so proud of myself. 😀


Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

I liked this. I’ve always like Anna Kendrick, she’s funny.

She’s alright at writing and it kept me hooked enough to read the whole thing in one day.

I always like reading autobiographies. I’m nosey and I wanna know what people do every day.



The Day is Ready for You by Alison Malee 

This wasn’t on my June TBR but hey, watcha gunna do? I’m a sucker for a pretty cover and some flowers and an employee discount with 20x the points.

I like poetry. I read a lot of it. I like that there is so much around right now too. I’m down for these quick little reads. It was good stuff.



Poison by Sarah Pinborough

This wasn’t good, and I’m disappointed. I like fairytale retellings but this didn’t bring anything different to the table. Unless you count all the unneeded sex scenes. Whhhyyyyy?? is every character so obsessed with sex. Ugh. Not what I wanted from Snow White. Sorry. I don’t need a detailed description of her nipples. Or to know that the Evil Queen gives good head. That’s not necessary to move the story along. Could’ve done without it completely. It doesn’t make the story edgy or interesting, it makes it gross.

I thought this book was written by a woman? These characters aren’t empowering or strong, or showing me something different. I don’t enjoy reading this garbage. Why is every single male character so disgusting? If you’re going to change a fairytale you need to make it interesting and different. This is not it.



Charm by Sarah Pinbourugh

This one gets an extra star because I actually wanted to know what was going to happen. This one had an interesting storyline. BUT there was too many masterbation scenes. Again, WHYYYYY????

Also, it’s unrealistic for two people to have sex three times in a row in a the middle of a snow bank. I’m sorry, not buying it. Also, gross.

I’m also not buying the sudden twist in sexual preference and incest that came with that shitty tacked on epilogue. That came out of nowhere and I feel like it was an afterthought to try and broaden her audience reach? It wasn’t done well. It was sudden, lacked emotion and wasn’t written well.

Cut out all the sex and this would have been a decent enough story. Flesh out that dumb epilogue and it would have been all fine.


21488061.jpg Beauty by Sarah Pinborough

Ugh. Book three. Finally done. I’ll say one good thing about this series is that I like that it’s all connected. I like getting more background on characters and history and all that lovely stuff.

But, this is still garbage.

9918068.jpg Torn by Robin Wasserman

I read book 1 and 2 over five years ago and my reviews of them were half-assed and lazy, Because I’m lazy. Ugh.

So anywho, this is the last in the Cold Awakening series. I like dystopian stories and the idea of cyborgs, or robots, or androids is terrifying. They always go rogue and everyone dies! I remember liking the first book very much, and the second was decent enough, but this one seemed tacked on and not really needed. It felt like a jumbled mess and nothing really got explained well enough and the ending wasn’t the best, and bleh.

Id say, just read the first one and call it done.



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