Phoebe and Her Unicorn Vol.1 by Dana Simpson |Review

22710140 This is super freakin adorable.

I love me a good unicorn. This comic is so funny and cute. I lol’d many times. So glad I picked it up, I read a third of it by the time I got up to the register. There are seven volumes and I am so ready to take on this adventure.

AND Peter S. Beagle wrote the introduction, which is awesome. He is awesome.


Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano |Review

imageThis was book two I completed during the read-a-thon.

This was not what I was expecting. It started off great and interesting and I wanted to know more. More about the history of the house, more about the neighbour, more about Verano. The ending happened so quickly and nothing was really explored the way it should have been. Ugh.

I liked it and then didn’t.

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore |Review

 This past weekend I took part in a wee 24 hour read-a-thon with a couple friends. We had high ambitions and not the best results. Haha. Wildflower was the first book I tackled and completed at around the half way mark of the read-a-thon. 

Now, I didn’t realize she had written a book a long time ago, so when I read this I thought things were going to be mentioned that weren’t. I was kind of disappointed, but oh well.

 It was a nice book, some funny chapters some boring. The part I liked the most was about her charity work in Africa. I wish there was more about that. 

Overall, it’s alright. 

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee | Review

29283884 Well let me tell you a thing… this book. Ugh. So much better then I could have ever expected. It’s funny and clever and I was sucked in right from the first page. This is one of the first books in a long time that I have really truly enjoyed from start to finish. I have read it non stop for the last little bit and I’ve given up sleep to read this. I love sleep!

I don’t know why it took me so long to read this. I’ve had it since July. Ugh. I don’t have enough words to describe how much I loved this. I can’t wait to read the sequel and the novella. Ohmygoodness. I can’t handle it.

Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook |Review

29059581 I’ve been drawn to poetry a lot over the last few months. Not sure exactly why, but I keep picking poetry and prose books up and I’m glad I do. It’s something to read about other peoples emotions and deepest thoughts.

I enjoyed this. Which is a nice change. Sometimes it feels like a chore to read other peoples poems. Not this one. Not for me anyway. It was an easy read and I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know more.

The House by Christina Lauren |Review

24885831 So, I really like this cover. That’s ultimately why I bought it. I’m a sucker for a good cover. But, I do enjoy reading the odd spooky story. This unfortunatly, isn’t all that spooky.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the premise, the idea of the story, but, it took FOREVER to get there. These characters are ridiculous. They are both so incredibly un-relatable. Ugh.

It felt like, although there was a big scary house they had to deal with, sex was more important. Constantly touching each other was more important then the giant house that wanted to kill people!

The last 50 pages were the most interesting, and still the book ended with a sex scene. Unnecessary.


Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs by Rachel Jeffs |Review

34217597 What a dink.

I’m always drawn to these kinds of books. I don’t know what my problem is. I love learning about cults, and serial killers and all that weird, disturbing stuff. I just want to know why people do what they do.

This book is fascinating and gives a very clear idea of what goes on behind big stone walls. I’m sorry for what Rachel has gone through, and her children, but I’m glad they are free and happy now. Everyone deserves to be happy.